What is Spiritual Glamour?

How we live our lives is determined by how we view the world, ourselves, and those around us. Our actions are dictated by our thoughts, whether or not we are aware of it; and the events that happen to and around us are merely products of the vibrational energy we create. So why not create magic?

Perspective is everything. Seeing things from a higher perspective makes life so much more meaningful as it allows us to open our hearts and minds to accept divine knowledge that we can utilize to help us navigate through this life.

We are divine light beings from God sent to Earth for a specific purpose. We come into this world knowing what our true purpose is. However, social and cultural conditioning through the years push us to forget. As we grow up and start to experience the rawness of human emotions, we are forced to build a protective earthly shell that not only succeeds in steering us away from our true path but also blinds us from seeing the Light that illuminates within all beings.

Spiritual Glamour is about learning the process of breaking down our earthly shell to allow our inner Light to shine through so we can remember our true purpose and start working on what needs to be done.




Hello love, charmed to meet you! I’m Dinah, founder of Spiritual Glamour and lover of all things magical. I’m a proud mama to a sassy Maltese and a wife to an incredible man. I love to create or design anything I can get my hands on because I believe adding a personal touch to the little things in life make them that much more extraordinary. I’m a knowledge junkie guided by the Spirit and counseled by the Light. I aim to help people tap into their inner self, realize their essential nature, and restore their true being.